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Elite Services


We manage your staffing needs so you can focus on your core competencies……


In House Outsourcing / Managed Services:  We assume full responsibility for specific non-critical processes within our customer’s manufacturing process.  The customer will continue to own the process and Elite will manage the work, the workforce and the process the reliable fit way; thus, increasing flexibility, reducing cost and constantly searching for ways to improve safety performance, productivity, quality and responsiveness.

Human Resource Consulting: We advise our clients on a variety of workforce solutions, including how to optimize staff and skill sets in order to provide a flexible labor pool, identify and supply training needs, recruitment and retention.

Contract Labor:  We hire our employees to support your work force needs for a period of time, typically long term assignments.  The employees are recruited, screened and assigned by Elite and remain Elite employees.

Supplemental to Direct:  We identify employees to work for you for a trial period of 90 days.  During that time period you can preview the employee’s performance and determine if you would like to offer them a full time opportunity with your company.

Executive Search / Direct Placement:  We find qualified candidates and provide them to you to hire directly onto your payroll without any type of a waiting period.

Short Term Help:  We can hire employees and assign them to support you during busy times in order to supplement your core work force.

Additional Services:

Limited Service Employee Management Programs

Facilities Management Support Services

Group Leadership / Employee Training

Comprehensive Skill Validation Testing

Resume Support Services

Background Check Services

Drug Testing Services