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Effective Workforce Solutions for Your Business

Let Elite Manufacturing and Professional Services manage your staffing needs. This way, you can focus on your core competencies.


Our Services

In-House Outsourcing/ Managed Services

Our team is responsible for specific non-critical processes within your manufacturing process. You can rely on us to manage the work, workforce, and the process while you continue to be the owner. This increases flexibility, reduces cost, and improves safety performance, productivity, quality, and responsiveness.

Human Resource Consulting

We advise our clients on various workforce solutions. These include optimizing staff and skillsets to provide a flexible labor pool, recruitment, retention, and identifying and supplying training needs,

Supplemental to Direct

For a trial period of 90 days, we can identify employees to work for you. You can preview their performances and determine if you would take them in as full-time employees in your company.

Contract Labor

Our company recruits, screens, and assigns employees that can support you in your long-term assignments.

Executive Search/ Direct Placement

We find highly qualified candidates and provide them to you. They can be hired directly onto your payroll with no waiting period.

Short-Term Help

During busy times, we can hire employees and assign them to your company to support your core workforce.


Additional Services

  • Limited Service Employee Management Programs
  • Facilities Management Support Services
  • Group Leadership/Employee Training
  • Comprehensive Skill Validation Testing
  • Resume Support Services
  • Background Check Services
  • Drug Testing Services